TriForce XP Dreamwriter




Interactive Design

Lightning fast interactive financial statement design.

No Accounting Skills

Designed for senior managers as well as accountants. System guarantees integrity of financial reporting.

Multiple Presentations

Create, store, and maintain completely different financial statement formats for different readers, such as Managers, Bankers, Auditors, Credit Organizations, Investors, 3rd Party Lenders.

Unlimited Formats

Unlimited user defined formats for both Income Statement and Balance Sheet.


User defined formats may be copied as a starting point for a new format.

Tree Views

A new format starts with the appropriate chart segments in a collapsible tree-view.

Collapse/Expand Feature

Any Account Type or Heading Account may be collapsed or expanded, providing varying levels of detail without forethought during the construction of GL Master.

Optional Account Number Visibility

Two tree-views are available - with and without account numbers visible. Provides visual clarity and distinction of Departments-Divisions, Profit Centers, Cost Centers.

Incremental Search

Incremental search in either tree-view – moves through the visible list as you type.

Rename any Object

Renaming of Account Types, Heading, Active, and Inactive accounts

Move Objects

Simple Cut and Paste to move accounts anywhere within the format

Cut & Paste Multiples

Ability to select multiple accounts for cut and paste

Paste Options

Paste functions include Paste Over, Paste Under, and Paste Inside.


Prevents user from moving Account Types inside other Account Types or Heading accounts inside other Heading accounts.


Final output is always “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG)

Reporting and Data Export Options

   VReport                   Microsoft Excel
   TriForce Report         Microsoft Word
   PDF                         HTML                      XML

Budget Support

Supports all budget functions including variance amounts and %


Full range of Accessibility Options – all design and edit options are available through the keyboard or the right mouse click.

Windows Navigation

Windows standard tree-view navigation functions

Resizable Designer

Resizable Dreamwriter format designer

Tight GL Integration

Interactive GL Account Master Maintenance with format refresh


GL Account Master changes inherited by pre-defined formats

Interactive Inquiries

Any GL or general inquiry can be performed while in the Designer

Global System Functions

Perform any action including Adjusting Journal Entries while in the Designer.

Interactive Test

Interactively test any report format using different design scenarios.